President Message

With successful completion of Uruguay Round Multilateral Trade Negotiation and its still continuation under WTO, coupled with growing emergence of bilateralism and regionalism, the global socio-political and economic landscape is undergoing a dramatic transformation and taking a new shape. The once-followed tendency of political supremacy has been superseded by the aspiration of being economic super power. The resultant trade liberalization and globalization of the process and trend, has also brought immense prospects as well as enormous competition for all trading nations. In this globalized trade regime, competition has been multidimensional and quite unpredictable and is not confined within a certain geographic area. This phenomenon postulates that the businessmen particularly those of developing and least developed countries like Bangladesh have to be proactive rather than reactive. Any negligence and failure in envisaging the potentials and problems embedded in economic globalization, its constant transformation and concurrent development can usher our economy into debacle

Against this backdrop, in order to cope with and survive in this rapidly changing world economic arena, we shall have to vigorously launch a coordinated and collective move to foster our trade and investment and search for all possible ways and means for durable national economic development. In this age of sheer competition and ever-changing business environment, the value of timely, precise, authentic and updated information on the business enterprises as well as on the trade and economic matters of a particular region is simply enormous for the sustainable growth and development of its trade and commerce. The easily and readily available accurate and updated information on the entire trade and business of the region, amply contribute to widen its contact in relation to export, import and investment, which ultimately brings robust economic growth for the region as a whole.

Recognizing the importance of current and authentic business and economic information for the lasting progress and prosperity of national economy as a whole, Chittagong Chamber of Commerce & Industry, the lone Chamber of the countryy’s business capital- Chittagong, endowed with biggest industrial base and highest trade and economic activities, has undertaken a vigorous step to launch a Web Portal encompassing its membership database and all relevant trade and economic information of the region. The Web Portal is envisaged to provide readily the foreign businessmen as well as the businessmen of other parts of the country, a clear overview about the business houses, business trend & opportunities and trade & investment scenario of the region, so that they can easily take their business expansion decision and make contacts with their local counterparts and reach successful deal. The interactive Web Portal will also help the members to consolidate their relationship among themselves for their own benefit. As the Portal itself contains needed updated summary of Industrial, Export, Import and other trade related policies of the Government as well as that of the WTO and other international bodies, it will also assist the members in promoting their own trade and business. Besides, as the Portal will have linkage with other important business promotional organizations of home and abroad, it will certainly facilitate the members as well as the visitors in adopting appropriate plan and strategies to augment their business.

I believe that this interactive Web Portal will serve as an important and useful tool and as a convenient guide for those at home and abroad who intend to expand their venture in Chittagong to explore its competitive advantages and develop enhanced business relations with its businessmen. Here, I would like to offer my candid thanks and appreciation to Millennium Information Solution Ltd. (MISL) Project for developing this Web Portal and Membership Database for CCCI.


Despite our sincere effort, there might be some errors and mistakes in the context of the Portal. Valuable suggestions and comments are very much welcome from all quarters, if any, for its necessary correction and further improvement in order to cater to the growing needs and demand of the business community of the country. We would consider our earnest endeavour successful if our valued members in particular and business community in general, are benefited by this Web Portal and Membership Database.

Mahbubul Alam
Chittagong Chamber of Commerce & Industry